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TELENERG as equipment supplier or subsupplier and as services contractor or subcontractor took part in construction of numerous electroenergetic plants in Croatia and obroad.

Scope of supply in some cases included merely preparation of technical documentation for the bidding process or merely conceptual design. In some cases scope of supply included merely basic design documentation and/or technical documentation for construction or only technical supervision services for the works executed or equipment supplied by others. In some cases TELENERG specialists provided only installation supervision or only site testing and commissioning of the complete plant or just of the plant portion. However, in numerous cases TELENERG designed, supplied the equipment, installed the equipment, tested and commissioned the complete plant or the subject portion of the plant as required by the Client's tender documents.

In Croatia as domicille TELENERG's country the majority of projects are purchased by HEP (Croatian Electrical Utility) and HOPS (Croatian Transmission System Operator).

Electrical utilities are our distinguished Clients abroad as well in the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Ireland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Quwait, Qatar, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Tanzania, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. At these foreign countries TELENERG in many cases participated as subcontractor to the famous contractors like: ABB Japan, ABB Korea, ABB Croatia, ABB Canada, ABB Switzerland, ALSTOM USA, ANSALDO Italia, GENERAL ELECTRIC Canada, KONCAR Croatia, NATEL Saudi Arabia, REYROLLE Malaysia, SIEMENS Croatia, SIEMENS Germany etc.

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